Triple Alliance

Triple Alliance, in European history, any of several coalitions. 1 The Triple Alliance of 1668 was formed by the Netherlands, England, and Sweden against France after Louis XIV had invaded the Spanish Netherlands in the War of Devolution. Largely because of the initiative of the Dutch statesman Jan de Witt, the alliance represented a sufficient threat to Louis XIV to induce him to negotiate the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle. 2 The Triple Alliance of 1717 was a treaty signed by Great Britain, France, and the Netherlands. Designed to strengthen the terms of the Peace of Utrecht, it was joined in 1718 by the Holy Roman emperor and became the Quadruple Alliance. 3 For the Triple Alliance of 1872, see Three Emperors' League. 4 For that of 1882, see Triple Alliance and Triple Entente.

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