Carbo, Cneius Papirius

Carbo, Cneius Papirius nē´əs pəpēr´ēəs kär´bō [key], d. 82 BC, Roman political leader. He was consul three times (85 BC, 84 BC, 82 BC) and one of the leaders of the party of Marius . After the death of Marius he and his colleague, Cinna , gathered (84 BC) an army to oppose Sulla in Italy. When Cinna was murdered in a mutiny, Carbo became chief commander. Sulla gathered strength as he moved slowly N through Italy, and much of Carbo's force deserted. He was defeated at Faventia (present-day Faenza) by Quintus Caecilius Metellus Pius (see under Metellus ) and fled to Africa. He later crossed to Sicily, where he was captured, condemned, and executed by Pompey.

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