Rodríguez, Martín

Rodríguez, Martín rôᵺrēˈgās [key], 1771–1844, Argentine general, governor of Buenos Aires prov. (1820–24). With Juan Martín de Pueyrredón, he organized a force to expel the British invaders of the Río de la Plata and later served under Jacques de Liniers in the recapture (1806) and defense (1807) of Buenos Aires. He was one of the leaders in the revolution of May, 1810, when the viceroy was deposed and a junta was established, and was active in the war against Spain. His gubernatorial administration, following a period of anarchy, was progressive. Chiefly on the initiative of Bernardino Rivadavia, many reform and administrative reorganization measures were undertaken. These served as an example to other provinces, thus helping to lay the basis for future national organization.

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