Winter Storm


Jan. 12, Midwest: the “The Schoolhouse Blizzard.” More than 200 people died while trying to get home after a sudden drop in temperature and a major storm that hit during school and work hours.
March 11–14, East Coast: the “Blizzard of 1888.” 400 people died; accumulation of up to 5 ft. of snow. Damage estimated at $20 million.


Nov. 11, Midwest: the “Armistice Day Blizzard.” 140 people died; this major storm hit from Nebraska to Michigan, including sudden drops in temperature, winds up to 80 miles per hour, and snow drifts two stories high.
Nov. 6–1a, East Coast: the “The Great Lakes Storm of 1913.” More than 250 people died; accumulation of up to 24 inches of snow, hurricane-like winds, and nearly 20 ships were destroyed. Damage estimated at $5 million in 1913's currency and did not include lost cargo.


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