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Oct. 10–16, Barbados, West Indies: “The Great Hurricane of 1780” killed 20,000–22,000 people and completely flattened the islands of Barbados, Martinique, and St. Eustatius; it is the deadliest Western Hemisphere hurricane on record.


Oct. 20, Cuba: powerful hurricane killed 650.
Sept. 3, Dominican Republic: hurricane killed about 8,000 people.
Sept. 19, Mexico: “Hilda” took 200 lives.
Sept. 22–28, Caribbean: “Janet” killed 200 in Honduras and 300 in Mexico.
Oct. 31, British Honduras: “Hattie” devastated capital of Belize, killing at least 400.
Oct. 2–7, Caribbean: “Flora” killed about 7,200 in Haiti and Cuba.
Sept. 24–30, Caribbean area: “Inez” killed 293.
Sept. 14–19, Honduras: “Fifi” struck northern part of country, leaving 8,000 dead and 100,000 homeless.
Sept. 12–17, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico: “Gilbert” took at least 260 lives and caused some 39 tornadoes in Tex.
Oct. 8–10, southern Mexico: “Pauline” devastated resort city of Acapulco and villages along the coast in states of Oaxaca and Guerrero, leaving 217 dead and 20,000 homeless.
Sept. 20–29, Caribbean, Fla. Keys, and Gulf Coast: “George” killed about 600 people, mostly in Dominican Republic. Damage estimated to be $5 billion, including $2 billion in Puerto Rico.
Oct. 26–Nov. 4, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala: “Mitch” killed more than 14,500 people, becoming the deadliest Atlantic storm in 200 years. Two to three million people were left homeless; damages were more than $5 billion.
Sept. 18, Haiti: Floods from tropical storm “Jeanne” killed more than 2,400 in Haiti and left 300,000 homeless.
Aug. 13–23, Caribbean and Mexico: “Dean,” a category 5 hurricane with winds reaching 150 mph, took 32 lives and caused more than $200 million in damage.
Aug. 31–Sept. 5, Caribbean, Nicaragua, and Honduras: “Felix,” a category 5 hurricane with winds reaching 150 mph, took at least 130 lives and left 70 others missing.
Aug. 28–Sept. 2, Caribbean and Gulf Coast: "Gustav" killed at least 137 people and injured many more when it made landfall in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Thousands were left homeless and without food and water. In the U.S., "Gustav" forced the entire city of New Orleans to evacuate and left 26 people dead in three states.
Sept. 7–8, Haiti, Cuba, Turks and Caicos islands: “Ike,” a category 2 hurricane with winds reaching 120 mph, took at least 61 lives in Haiti, left more than 80% of homes destroyed on Turks and Caicos islands, and caused four deaths and 800,000 people to evacuate their homes in Cuba.
Nov. 8, Cuba: “Paloma,” a category 3 hurricane with winds reaching 120 mph, forced more than 300,000 people in Cuba to evacuate their homes and caused about $9.4 billion in damages.
Oct. 12, Central America, Mexico, and Texas: "Patricia," a category 5 hurricane with record-breaking 200 mph winds becomes the most powerful tropical cyclone ever measured in the Western Hemisphere. It also broke the record for the lowest pressure (880 millibars) of any hurricane in recorded history. "Patricia" caused an estimated $283 million dollars in damage to Central America, Mexico, and Texas. At least eight people were killed.

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