February 2005 Disasters

Updated September 9, 2022 | Infoplease Staff
  • Feb. 3, Kabul, Afghanistan: an Afghan Kam Air, Boeing 737, from Herat to Kabul crashed in the mountains due to bad weather, killing 105, including 6 from the United States.
  • Feb. 6–13, Pakistan: heavy flooding from snows and rain killed more than 460 people and left thousands more missing. The Shadi Kor dam in Baluchistan province broke on Feb. 10, leaving many homeless.
  • Feb. 14, Liaoning province, China: a gas explosion killed 209 miners at the Sunjiawan mine. It was the deadliest reported mine disaster in China since 1949.
  • Feb. 22, Zarand, Iran: a magnitude 6.4 earthquake in central Iran shook more than 40 villages, killing at least 612 people, injuring over 1,400, and destroying villages that had many mud–brick houses.
  • Feb. 17–23, Calif.: a series of storms caused flooding, landslides, and avalanches, killing at least 9 people, damaging many roads, and forcing the evacuation of many homes. More than 9 in of rain fell in downtown Los Angeles.
  • Feb., South East Asia: extreme winter weather including cold, snowfall, avalanches, and flooding in Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan killed more than 1,400 people in the last month and a half. Due to the lack of communications actual numbers were hard to confirm.

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