Meaning of wink


Pronunciation: (wingk), [key]
— v.i.
  1. to close and open one or both eyes quickly.
  2. to close and open one eye quickly as a hint or signal or with some sly meaning (often fol. by at): She winked at him across the room.
  3. (of the eyes) to close and open thus; blink.
  4. to shine with little flashes of light; twinkle: The city lights winked in the distance.
  1. to close and open (one or both eyes) quickly; execute or give (a wink).
  2. to drive or force by winking (usually fol. by back or away): She attempted to wink back the tears.
  3. to signal or convey by a wink.
  4. to ignore deliberately, as to avoid the necessity of taking action: to wink at minor offenses.
  1. an act of winking.
  2. a winking movement, esp. of one eye in giving a hint or signal.
  3. a hint or signal given by winking.
  4. the time required for winking once; an instant or twinkling: I'll be there in a wink.
  5. a little flash of light; twinkle.
  6. the least bit: I didn't sleep a wink last night.


Pronunciation: (wingk), [key]
— n. Games.
  1. a disk or similar small object used in tiddlywinks.
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