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Pronunciation: (wôk), [key]
  1. to proceed through, over, or upon at a moderate pace on foot: walking London streets by night; walking the floor all night.
  2. to cause to walk; lead, drive, or ride at a walk, as an animal: We walked our horses the last quarter of a mile.
  3. to force or help to walk, as a person: They were walking him around the room soon after his operation.
  4. to conduct or accompany on a walk: He walked them about the park.
  5. to move (a box, trunk, or other object) in a manner suggestive of walking, as by a rocking motion.
  6. (of a pitcher) to give a base on balls to (a batter).
  7. to spend or pass (time) in walking (often fol. by away): We walked the morning away along the beach.
  8. to cause or accomplish by walking: We saw them walking guard over the chain gang.
  9. to examine, measure, etc., by traversing on foot: to walk a track; to walk the boundaries of the property.
  10. to advance (the ball) by taking more than two steps without dribbling or passing.
  11. to send (a person who has a reservation at a hotel) to another hotel because of overbooking: It's exasperating to find yourself walked when you arrive at a hotel late in the evening.
  12. to get rid of by walking: to walk off a headache.
  13. to walk off with the first prize for flower arrangements.
    1. to remove illegally; steal.
    2. to win or attain, as in a competition:to walk off with the first prize for flower arrangements.
    3. to surpass one's competitors; win easily:to walk off with the fight.
  14. to walk out of a committee meeting.
    1. to go on strike.
    2. to leave in protest:to walk out of a committee meeting.
  15. to leave unceremoniously; desert; forsake: to walk out on one's family.
  16. to court or be courted by: Cook is walking out with the chauffeur.
  17. to guide or instruct carefully one step at a time: The teacher will walk the class through the entire testing procedure before the real test begins.
    1. to be forced by another to walk on tiptoe.
    2. to walk cautiously.
    3. to be discharged or dismissed.
    4. to discharge or dismiss (someone).
  18. See(def. 5).
  19. He didn't like the script and walked through his part.
    1. to release (a play) by combining a reading aloud of the lines with the designated physical movements.
    2. Informal.to perform (a role, play, etc.) in a perfunctory manner.
    3. to make little or no effort in performing one's role:He didn't like the script and walked through his part.
  20. (of a hunter) to flush (game) by approaching noisily on foot and often with hunting dogs.
  1. an act or instance of walking or going on foot.
  2. a period of walking for exercise or pleasure: to go for a walk.
  3. a distance walked or to be walked, often in terms of the time required: not more than ten minutes' walk from town.
  4. the gait or pace of a person or an animal that walks.
  5. a characteristic or individual manner of walking: It was impossible to mistake her walk.
  6. a department or branch of activity, or a particular line of work: They found every walk of life closed against them.
  7. See
  8. a path or way for pedestrians at the side of a street or road; sidewalk.
  9. a place prepared or set apart for walking.
  10. a path in a garden or the like.
  11. a passage between rows of trees.
  12. an enclosed yard, pen, or the like where domestic animals are fed and left to exercise.
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  14. a sheepwalk.
  15. a ropewalk.
  16. (in the West Indies) a plantation of trees, esp. coffee trees.
  17. a group, company, or congregation, esp. of snipes.
    1. the route of a street vendor, tradesman, or the like.
    2. the district or area in which such a route is located.
    3. a tract of forest land under the charge of one forester or keeper.
  18. manner of behavior; conduct; course of life.
  19. a haunt or resort.
  20. to leave, esp. abruptly and without any intention or prospect of returning (often used imperatively to indicate dismissal): If he doesn't get his way, he takes a walk. I don't need your advice, so take a walk.
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