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Pronunciation: (ver'ē), [key]
— adv., adj., ver•i•er, ver•i•est.
  1. in a high degree; extremely; exceedingly: A giant is very tall.
  2. (used as an intensive emphasizing superlatives or stressing identity or oppositeness): the very best thing; in the very same place as before.
  1. precise; particular: That is the very item we want.
  2. mere: The very thought of it is distressing.
  3. sheer; utter: He wept from the very joy of knowing he was safe.
  4. actual: He was caught in the very act of stealing.
  5. being such in the true or fullest sense of the term; extreme: the very heart of the matter.
  6. true; genuine; worthy of being called such: the very God; a very fool.
  7. rightful or legitimate.
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