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Pronunciation: (trans"fur-mā'shun), [key]
  1. the act or process of transforming.
  2. the state of being transformed.
  3. change in form, appearance, nature, or character.
  4. a seemingly miraculous change in the appearance of scenery or actors in view of the audience.
  5. Also called transform. one of a set of algebraic formulas used to express the relations between elements, sets, etc., that form parts of a given system.
    1. the act, process, or result of transforming or mapping.
    2. function (def. 4a).
    1. See transformational rule.
    2. the process by which deep structures are converted into surface structures using transformational rules.
  6. the transfer of genetic material from one cell to another resulting in a genetic change in the recipient cell.
  7. a wig or hairpiece for a woman.
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