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Pronunciation: (rez'i-dunt), [key]
— n.
  1. a person who resides in a place.
  2. a physician who joins the medical staff of a hospital as a salaried employee for a specified period to gain advanced training usually in a particular field, being in full-time attendance at the hospital and often living on the premises.
  3. a diplomatic representative, inferior in rank to an ambassador, residing at a foreign court.
  4. (formerly) a representative of the British governor general at a native court in India.
  5. (formerly) the governor of a residency in the Dutch East Indies.
  1. residing; dwelling in a place.
  2. living or staying at a place in discharge of duty.
  3. (of qualities) existing; intrinsic.
  4. (of birds) not migratory.
    1. encoded and permanently available to a computer user, as a font in a printer's ROM or software on a CD-ROM.
    2. (of a computer program) currently active or standing by in computer memory.
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