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Pronunciation: (kwēr'ē), [key]
— n., pl. v., -ries, -ried, -ry•ing.
  1. a question; an inquiry.
  2. mental reservation; doubt.
  3. a question mark (?), esp. as added on a manuscript, proof sheet, or the like, indicating doubt as to some point in the text.
  4. an inquiry from a writer to an editor of a magazine, newspaper, etc., regarding the acceptability of or interest in an idea for an article, news story, or the like: usually presented in the form of a letter that outlines or describes the projected piece.
  1. to ask or inquire about: No one queried his presence.
  2. to question as doubtful or obscure: to query a statement.
  3. to mark (a manuscript, proof sheet, etc.) with a query.
  4. to ask questions of.
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