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Pronunciation: (kid), [key]
— n., v., adj. kid•ded, kid•ding,
  1. a child or young person.
  2. (used as a familiar form of address.)
  3. a young goat.
  4. leather made from the skin of a kid or goat, used in making shoes and gloves.
  5. a glove made from this leather.
—v.i., v.t.
  1. (of a goat) to give birth to (young).
  1. made of kidskin.
  2. younger: his kid sister.


Pronunciation: (kid), [key]
— v., kid•ded, kid•ding.
  1. to talk or deal jokingly with; banter; jest with: She is always kidded about her accent.
  2. to humbug or fool.
  1. to speak or act deceptively in jest; jest.


Pronunciation: (kid), [key]
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