Meaning of hop


Pronunciation: (hop), [key]
— v., n. hopped, hop•ping,
  1. to make a short, bouncing leap; move by leaping with all feet off the ground.
  2. to spring or leap on one foot.
  3. to make a short, quick trip, esp. in an airplane: He hopped up to Boston for the day.
  4. to travel or move frequently from one place or situation to another (usually used in combination): to island-hop; to job-hop.
  5. to dance.
  1. to jump over; clear with a hop: The sheep hopped the fence.
  2. to board or get onto a vehicle: to hop a plane.
  3. to cross in an airplane: We hopped the Atlantic in five hours.
  4. to begin to move, become active, or do something immediately: You'd better hop to it if you intend to buy groceries before the market closes.
  1. an act of hopping; short leap.
  2. a leap on one foot.
  3. a journey, esp. a short trip by air.
  4. a dance or dancing party.
  5. a bounce or rebound of a moving object, as a ball: She caught the ball on the first hop.


Pronunciation: (hop), [key]
— n., v., hopped, hop•ping.
  1. any twining plant of the genus Humulus, bearing male flowers in loose clusters and female flowers in conelike forms.
  2. the dried ripe cones of the female flowers of this plant, used in brewing, medicine, etc.
  3. a narcotic drug, esp. opium.
  1. to treat or flavor with hops.
  2. They hopped the crowd up with fiery speeches.
    1. to excite; make enthusiastic:They hopped the crowd up with fiery speeches.
    2. to add to the power of:The kids hopped up the motor of their jalopy.
    3. to stimulate by narcotics.
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