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Pronunciation: (hāl), [key]
— hal•er, hal•est.
  1. free from disease or infirmity; robust; vigorous: hale and hearty men in the prime of life.


Pronunciation: (hāl), [key]
— haled, hal•ing.
  1. to compel (someone) to go: to hale a man into court.
  2. to haul; pull.


Pronunciation: (hä'lā), [key]
— n.
  1. (in Hawaii) a simple thatched-roof dwelling.


Pronunciation: (hāl), [key]
— n.
  1. 1822–1909, U.S. clergyman and author.
  2. 1868–1938, U.S. astronomer.
  3. 1609–76, British jurist: Lord Chief Justice 1671–76.
  4. 1755–76, American soldier hanged as a spy by the British during the American Revolution.
  5. 1788–1879, U.S. editor and author.
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