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Pronunciation: (grub), [key]
— n., v., grubbed, grub•bing.
  1. the thick-bodied, sluggish larva of several insects, as of a scarab beetle.
  2. a dull, plodding person; drudge.
  3. an unkempt person.
  4. food; victuals.
  5. any remaining roots or stumps after cutting vegetation to clear land for farming.
  1. to dig; clear of roots, stumps, etc.
  2. to dig up by the roots; uproot (often fol. by up or out).
  3. to supply with food; feed.
  4. to scrounge: to grub a cigarette.
  1. to dig; search by or as if by digging: We grubbed through piles of old junk to find the deed.
  2. to lead a laborious or groveling life; drudge: It's wonderful to have money after having to grub for so many years.
  3. to engage in laborious study.
  4. to eat; take food.
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