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Pronunciation: (gf), [key]
— Slang. Slang.
  1. to blunder; make an error, misjudgment, etc.
  2. to waste or kill time; evade work or responsibility (often fol. by off or around): Exam week is not a time to goof off. We goofed around till train time.
  1. to spoil or make a mess of (something); botch; bungle (often fol. by up): You really goofed up the job.
  2. to tease, ridicule, or mock; make fun of.
  1. a foolish or stupid person.
  2. a mistake or blunder, esp. one due to carelessness.
  3. a source of fun or cause for amusement: We short-sheeted his bunk just for a goof.
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