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Pronunciation: (fō'lē-ō"), [key]
— n., pl. adj., v., -li•os, -li•oed, -li•o•ing.
  1. a sheet of paper folded once to make two leaves, or four pages, of a book or manuscript.
  2. a volume having pages of the largest size, formerly made from such a sheet.
  3. a leaf of a manuscript or book numbered only on the front side.
    1. (in a book) the number of each page.
    2. (in a newspaper) the number of each page together with the date and the name of the newspaper.
  4. a page of an account book or a left-hand page and a right-hand page facing each other and having the same serial number.
  5. a certain number of words, in the U.S. generally 100, taken as a unit for computing the length of a document.
  1. pertaining to or having the format of a folio: a folio volume.
  1. to number each leaf or page of.
  2. to mark each folio in (a pleading or the like) with the proper number.
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