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Pronunciation: (v.di-jest', dī-n.dī'jest), [key]
— v.t.
  1. to convert (food) in the alimentary canal into absorbable form for assimilation into the system.
  2. to promote the digestion of (food).
  3. to obtain information, ideas, or principles from; assimilate mentally: to digest a pamphlet on nuclear waste.
  4. to arrange methodically in the mind; think over: to digest a plan.
  5. to bear with patience; endure.
  6. to arrange in convenient or methodical order; reduce to a system; classify.
  7. to condense, abridge, or summarize.
  8. to soften or disintegrate (a substance) by means of moisture, heat, chemical action, or the like.
  1. to digest food.
  2. to undergo digestion, as food.
  1. a collection or compendium, usually of literary, historical, legal, or scientific matter, esp. when classified or condensed.
    1. a systematic abstract of some body of law.
    2. the Digest,a collection in fifty books of excerpts, esp. from the writings of the Classical Roman jurists, compiled by order of Justinian in the 6th century a.d.; the Pandects.
  2. the product of the action of an enzyme on food or other organic material.
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