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Pronunciation: (ku-myt'), [key]
— v., n. -mut•ed, -mut•ing,
  1. to change (a prison sentence or other penalty) to a less severe one: The death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.
  2. to exchange for another or for something else; give and take reciprocally; interchange.
  3. to change: to commute base metal into gold.
  4. to change (one kind of payment) into or for another, as by substitution.
  1. to travel regularly over some distance, as from a suburb into a city and back: He commutes to work by train.
  2. to make substitution.
  3. to serve as a substitute.
  4. to make a collective payment, esp. of a reduced amount, as an equivalent for a number of payments.
  5. to give the same result whether operating on the left or on the right.
  1. a trip made by commuting: It's a long commute from his home to his office.
  2. an act or instance of commuting.
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