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Pronunciation: (chat'ur), [key]
— v.i.
  1. to talk rapidly in a foolish or purposeless way; jabber.
  2. to utter a succession of quick, inarticulate, speechlike sounds, as monkeys or certain birds.
  3. to make a rapid clicking noise by striking together: His teeth were chattering from the cold.
  4. (of a cutting tool or piece of metal) to vibrate during cutting so as to produce surface flaws on the work.
  1. to utter rapidly or purposelessly.
  2. to cause to chatter, as the teeth from cold.
  1. purposeless or foolish talk.
  2. a series of waves or ridges on the surface of a piece of metal that has been imperfectly drawn or extruded.
  3. the act or sound of chattering.
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