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Pronunciation: (blok), [key]
  1. to obstruct (someone or something) by placing obstacles in the way (sometimes fol. by up): to block one's exit; to block up a passage.
  2. to fit with blocks; mount on a block.
  3. to shape or prepare on or with a block: to block a hat; to block a sweater.
  4. to join (the ends of boards or the like) by fastening to a block of wood.
  5. Tomorrow we'll block act one.
    1. Also,block plan or work out the movement of performers in a play, pageant, etc.:Tomorrow we'll block act one.
    2. to draw a floor plan on (a stage) in order to indicate placement of scenery, stage property, etc.
  6. to stop the passage of impulses in (a nerve).
  7. to group (contiguous data) together so as to allow to be read or written in a single operation.
  8. to hinder or bar the actions or movements of (an opposing player), esp. legitimately.
    1. to shape (a molten gather) in a wet cup of wood or metal.
    2. to plunge a block of wood into (molten glass) to aid in refining the glass.
  9. to give (a forging) a rough form before finishing.
  10. to apply a high negative bias to the grid of (a vacuum tube), for reducing the plate current to zero.
  1. to act so as to obstruct an opponent, as in football, hockey, and basketball: He doesn't get many baskets, but he sure can block.
  2. to block a play, act, scene, stage, etc.: The director will block tomorrow.
  3. to suffer a block.
    1. block (def. 36a).
    2. box out.
  4. to sketch or outline roughly or generally, without details: She blocked out a color scheme for the interiors.


Pronunciation: (blok), [key]
  1. (“Herblock”), born 1909, U.S. cartoonist.
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