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Pronunciation: (bēk), [key]
— n.
  1. the bill of a bird; neb.
  2. any similar horny mouthpart in other animals, as the turtle or duckbill.
  3. anything beaklike or ending in a point, as the spout of a pitcher.
  4. a person's nose.
  5. proboscis (def. 3).
  6. a narrowed or prolonged tip.
  7. (formerly) a metal or metal-sheathed projection from the bow of a warship, used to ram enemy vessels; ram; rostrum.
  8. a serif on the arm of a character, as of a K.
  9. Also calleda pendant molding forming a drip, as on the soffit of a cornice.
    1. a judge; magistrate.
    2. a schoolmaster.
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