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Pronunciation: (bas'turd), [key]
— n.
  1. a person born of unmarried parents; an illegitimate child.
  2. Some bastard slashed the tires on my car.
    1. a vicious, despicable, or thoroughly disliked person:Some bastard slashed the tires on my car.
    2. a person, esp. a man:The poor bastard broke his leg.
  3. something irregular, inferior, spurious, or unusual.
  4. See
  1. illegitimate in birth.
  2. spurious; not genuine; false: The architecture was bastard Gothic.
  3. of abnormal or irregular shape or size; of unusual make or proportions: bastard quartz; bastard mahogany.
  4. having the appearance of; resembling in some degree: a bastard Michelangelo; bastard emeralds.
  5. (of a character) not of the font in which it is used or found.
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