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Pronunciation: (at unstressed &schwat, it), [key]
  1. (used to indicate a point or place occupied in space); in, on, or near: to stand at the door; at the bottom of the barrel.
  2. (used to indicate a location or position, as in time, on a scale, or in order): at zero; at noon; at age 65; at the end; at the lowest point.
  3. (used to indicate presence or location): at home; at hand.
  4. (used to indicate amount, degree, or rate): at great speed; at high altitudes.
  5. (used to indicate a direction, goal, or objective); toward: Aim at the mark. Look at that.
  6. (used to indicate occupation or involvement): at work; at play.
  7. (used to indicate a state or condition): at ease; at peace.
  8. (used to indicate a cause or source): She was annoyed at his stupidity.
  9. (used to indicate a method or manner): He spoke at length.
  10. (used to indicate relative quality or value): at one's best; at cost.
  11. to be sexually aggressive toward (a person): She's pregnant again because he's at her morning, noon, and night.
  12. the place where the most interesting or exciting things happen: Emma says that Rome is definitely where it's at now.


Pronunciation: (ät, at), [key]
  1. a money of account of Laos, the 100th part of a kip.


Pronunciation: [key]
  1. var. ofbefore t: attend.


Pronunciation: [key]
  1. achievement test.
  2. antitank.


Pronunciation: [key]
  1. ampere-turn.


Pronunciation: [key]
— Symbol, Chem.
  1. astatine.


Pronunciation: [key]
  1. atmosphere.
  2. atomic.
  3. attorney.


Pronunciation: [key]
  1. Atlantic time.
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