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Pronunciation: (u-rīv'), [key]
— v., -rived, -riv•ing.
  1. to come to a certain point in the course of travel; reach one's destination: He finally arrived in Rome.
  2. to come to be near or present in time: The moment to act has arrived.
  3. to attain a position of success, power, achievement, fame, or the like: After years of hard work, she has finally arrived in her field.
  4. to happen: It arrived that the master had already departed.
  1. to reach; come to.
  2. to arrive at a conclusion.
    1. to come to a place after traveling; reach.
    2. to attain the objective in a course or process:to arrive at a conclusion.


Pronunciation: (ar"ē-vā' Fr. a-rē-vā'), [key]
— pl. -vés
  1. a person who has swiftly gained wealth, status, success, or fame.
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