Meaning of alley


Pronunciation: (al'ē), [key]
— pl. -leys.
  1. a passage, as through a continuous row of houses, permitting access from the street to backyards, garages, etc.
  2. a narrow back street.
  3. a walk, as in a garden, enclosed with hedges or shrubbery.
    1. a long, narrow, wooden lane or floor along which the ball is rolled.
    2. (often pl.) a building for bowling.
    3. Seebowling green.
  4. the space on each side of a tennis court between the doubles sideline and the service or singles sideline.
  5. an aisle.
  6. in keeping with or satisfying one's abilities, interests, or tastes: If you like science fiction, this book will be right up your alley.


Pronunciation: (al'ē), [key]
— pl. -leys.
  1. a choice, large playing marble.
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