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The world is a very busy place, and it's hard to stay on top of everything. Infoplease has got you covered. Here are the US news events you need to know so far for October 2021:

  1. Violence Across the US Continues
  2. Coronavirus Updates (4)
  3. The US Continues to See a Surge in Violence
  4. Coronavirus Updates (3)
  5. Violence, Unrest, and Tragedies Continue Across the US
  6. Coronavirus Updates (2)
  7. Major Voting and Legal Issues Take Place
  8. Coronavirus Updates

Violence Across the US Continues

Virginia Police

Photo Source: AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

On Monday, October 25, at least two people were killed and another 4 injured after a shooting at a Boise mall. The suspect is also wounded and is in critical condition. The suspect allegedly entered the mall and began shooting before engaging in a shootout with police. Little other information is known at this time.[1] On Saturday, October 30, police in Northern Virginia increased police presence amid some terror plot threats. Maryland and Washington DC have also increased police presence as the threat is investigated. Malls and public shopping centers seem to be the focus, as well as transit hubs.[2]
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Coronavirus Updates (4)


Photo Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, Pool

On Monday, October 25, it was reported by the BBC that the FDA will most likely approve the Covid-19 vaccine for children between the ages of 5 and 11. Clinical data showed that the pediatric dose (⅓ of that given to adults) is about 90% effective in adolescents. Nearly 1.8 million children have tested positive these last few months. The FDA, should they approve the vaccine for youth, will send 15 million doses to pediatric offices around the nation.[1] On Monday, October 25, the battle within Chicago’s police force continued. Chicago, which has seen a 14% rise in crime rates this past year, could suddenly have thousands of officers skip work due to the vaccine mandate. Nearly one-third of CPD refuse to enter their vaccination system, which is grounds for dismissal. At least 21 have been officially removed from their positions thus far.[2] On Monday, October 25, President Biden signed a proclamation requiring foreign airlines to check the vaccination status of everyone on the flight before they depart. Unvaccinated passengers must provide a negative Covid test. The travel ban, originally imposed by President Trump at the start of the pandemic, encompasses many countries that have urged President BIden to put an end to it.[3] On Tuesday, October 26, the CDC updated its guidelines, stating that severely immunocompromised people and people with certain diseases are eligible to get a fourth booster shot of the Covid vaccine. Not only are vaccinated immunocompromised people more likely to be hospitalized from breakthrough cases, but they are also more likely to spread the virus to others. The CDC is recommending the fourth shot in hopes of combatting this issue.[4]
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The US Continues to See a Surge in Violence

Movie Set Shooting

Photo Source: AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

On Sunday, October 17, at least three people were dead and one police officer was injured after a stabbing incident in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Police were responding to a 911 call, where they were allegedly greeted by the scene of the suspect beating his son. When one officer went to apprehend him, the suspect slashed his throat. The officer was able to shoot and kill the suspect, but his son unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.[1] On Sunday, October 17, at least one person died and another seven were injured after a shooting at Grambling University in Louisiana. Only one of the injured victims was actually a student, despite the shooting taking place on campus. The university has cancelled all Sunday homecoming activities and all Monday classes as police continue to investigate.[2] On Thursday, October 21, tragedy struck the Hollywood film set of “Rust” after Alec Baldwin fired a live gun, killing one person and injuring another. Court documents allege that “cold gun” was yelled before the scene was filmed, meaning the gun was not supposed to have live ammunition. The next day, more documents were released stating that at least three crew members had quit the week before due to gun safety guidelines and Covid-19 protocols not being met.[3] On Saturday, October 23, one person was killed and another seven injured at an off-campus house party in Georgia. The party, which was just outside Fort Valley State University as the college was celebrating homecoming weekend. Police are still investigating the incident.[4]
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Coronavirus Updates (3)

US Covid

Photo Source: AP Photo/Mike Stewart

On Sunday, October 17, Dr. Fauci and Johns Hopkins University announced that cases are down by about 8,000 a day. However, the two are still urging people to get vaccinated in order to prevent another Covid spike.[1] On Monday, October 18, Chicago PD officials announced that the unit will be restricting time off for people. The call comes a day after the new mandate went into effect. Many officers are still speaking out about the entire ordeal.[2] On Wednesday, October 20, the FDA authorized booster doses of Moderna and the J&J vaccine, now approving boosters of three vaccines. The FDA is also urging the mix and match approach of the vaccines. The CDC will look at the date and make guidelines based on the new research.[3] On Wednesday, October 20, NYC announced that all workers must now be vaccinated against Covid-19. The city is running a $500 lottery program for all those who start the vaccination process before October 29.[4] That same day, workers in Maine asked the Supreme Court to step in and block a vaccine mandate. The workers argue that the mandate, set to begin October 29, does not offer religious exemptions and goes against religious beliefs and freedoms. An appeals court denied the case the day prior.[5]
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Violence, Unrest, and Tragedies Continue Across the US

Memphis Shooting

Photo Source: AP Photo/Adrian Sainz

On Monday, October 11, a plane crashed into a Southern California neighborhood, killing at least 2 people. The brutal scene provided some obstacles for rescue workers, so the death toll may rise. Two homes were significantly damaged by the crash, while another three suffered some damages, as well. At this time, officials don’t know how many people were on board, but they do not believe there were any survivors.[1] On Monday, October 11, three men were arrested after a shooting occurred at a Minnesota bar. At least one person died and another 14 were injured during the shooting. The three suspects were taken to the hospital to check out some injuries before being taken into custody. Officials have not released further information.[2] On Tuesday, October 12, at least two postal workers were killed in Memphis after a workplace shooting. The suspect, a fellow postal worker, also died of an apparent self-inflicted gun wound. No additional information has been released.[3] On Saturday, October 16, a gunman appeared out of nowhere outside a Houston bar and began firing at police detaining someone else. At least one deputy died and another two were taken to the hospital with injuries. The police have one person in custody, but it is unknown whether this person is the suspect or a witness. Police are still investigating the apparent ambush.[4]
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Coronavirus Updates (2)

US Covid

Photo Source: AP Photo/Lynne Sladky, File

On Monday, October 11, experts reported that though Covid-19 isn’t over yet, it appears that some holiday festivities will be allowed to resume this year. Experts believe outdoor trick-or-treating, especially for vaccinated children, should be perfectly fine this year; however, indoor parties have been cautioned against.[1] On Monday, October 11, it was reported that Southwest Airlines cancelled at least 1 in every 4 flights over the holiday weekend. At least 2,000 flights were canceled in what the company originally blamed on weather and technical issues. However, Southwest later admitted that the staffing is “not what [they] want.” The airline has roughly 7,000 fewer employees than it did at the beginning of the pandemic. Many airlines are beginning to fret about the upcoming holiday season.[2] On Tuesday, October 12, it was reported that a record number of Americans have quit their jobs, a trend that has been on the rise since the pandemic began. Many employees are demanding better wages, more flexible arrangements, and better environments. Nearly 4.3 million people have quit their jobs since August.[3] With many of the shortages occurring in education systems, Oregon has taken a stance. The state has discussed temporarily dropping some substitute teacher requirements after it has seen a severe shortage. For the time being, substitute licenses will no longer require a bachelor’s degree, and instead be sponsored by the district and provided with administrative support. The rule is expected to expire on March 31, and has some other stipulations.[4] On Wednesday, October 13, the US announced that it will reopen borders for fully vaccinated Candians and Mexicans starting in November. The US continues to update restrictions each month.[5] On Friday, October 15, half of Chicago’s rank-and-file police officers were placed on unpaid leave after the union and the mayor couldn’t reach an agreement on the new requirement to disclose vaccination status. The rift is a common one many cities across the US are seeing at the moment.[6] On Saturday, October 16, experts announced that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is working towards gaining approval for a booster dose. Experts stated that as soon as possible, people who received the J&J vaccine should get a second dose to best protect themselves.[7]
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Major Voting and Legal Issues Take Place

Biden Administration

Photo Source: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Late last month, President Biden signed a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown; however, tensions remain high as the Biden Administration tries to pass an economic bill. On Monday, October 4, Democrats faced an impasse as Biden insisted his $1 billion infrastructure bill would pass. President Biden was set to travel to Chicago, but the trip has been cancelled so he can focus on the current impasse.[1] Many Senators are opposing the addition of the Hyde Amendment, stating they will not pass the economic plan unless that amendment is omitted. The Hyde Amendment allows for government funds to be used for abortions in the case of rape, incest, or the mother’s health. In 2019, President Biden stated that he no longer supports the amendment, after years of showing his support.[2] On Friday, October 8, a Texas Appeals Court put a temporary ban on the order passed to block the abortion bill. Texas now has an administrative stay of order, which allows the bill to stay in place for the moment. However, the legal battles regarding the bill are far from over.[3] On Friday, October 8, President Biden undid many Trump-era moves. Biden announced expansions of Bears Ears, Grand Staircase-Escalante, and Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine, three national monuments former President Trump had scaled back protections for. Millions of acres will be restored to these areas.[4] That same day, the Biden Administration scrapped a few more border wall contracts put in place by former President Trump. The Department of Homeland Security expects to cancel further contracts in those sections. The latest cancellations covered about 44 miles worth of border.[5]
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Coronavirus Updates

US Covid

Photo Source: STRF/STAR MAX/IPx

On Sunday, October 3, Dr. Fauci made a statement claiming that Americans were “turning a corner” on the current surge; however, he continued to state that the vaccine is the answer. According to Johns Hopkins University, the US is seeing 107,000 new cases a day, down from the 150,000 from last month. Currently, about 70 million eligible Americans still need to be vaccinated.[1] On Tuesday, October 5, the FBI announced it is working towards a solution to combat the increasing number of threats and harassment targeted at teachers and school boards. Angry parents have been hostile as Covid measures cause tensions in schools. This anger has been exacerbated by some schools also teaching critical race theory.[2] On Tuesday, October 5, the Treasury Department sent a warning to Arizona’s governor regarding his use of federal Covid-19 funds. Governor Ducey said the funding will only go to public schools that open for in-person learning and don’t require masks. Ducey also used the money to create a second program for students’ transportation and education costs if their original school requires masks and they choose to attend a different school.[3] On Wednesday, October 6, a Texas man was sentenced to a year in federal prison for posting a Covid-19 hoax on social media. Back in April 2020, the man posted that he paid someone infected with Covid to lick items in a San Antonio grocery store. Though his claims were false, he was still charged.[4] On Saturday, October 9, it was reported by one expert that with booster shots for the Covid vaccine most likely becoming a thing, it might be recommended to mix doses. The FDA has yet to review data surrounding the Moderna and Johnson and Johnson models, Both the FDA and CDC will meet to discuss booster doses from these two companies later this month.[5]
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