November 1998 News and Events

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1998 News Month-By-Month


  • Israeli Cabinet Approves Peace Pact (Nov. 11): Conditionally ratifies land-for-security accord with Palestinians, reached in U.S. Attaches series of stipulations and threats. Vote is a shaky victory for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
  • Clinton Sends Forces to Persian Gulf (Nov. 11): Warns of attack by bombers and troops unless Iraq permits resumption of United Nations arms inspections.
  • Street Battles Rage in Indonesia (Nov. 13): At least five killed as students, thugs, and soldiers fight in Jakarta. Parliament advances democracy.
  • Deadline Set for Reducing Gas Emissions (Nov. 14): Buenos Aires conference votes two-year limit for fixing operational rules to cut output of products believed to cause global warming.
  • Iraq Backs Down and Then Defies Arms Inspections (Nov. 15): Clinton says Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has retreated and again vowed cooperation with United Nations. (Nov. 22): Iraq reverses stand and says defiantly that it has little intention of cooperating with inspectors.
  • Japan Moves to Revive Economy (Nov. 16): Government announces $195 billion outlay, nation's largest stimulation package in eight years of recession.
  • Israeli Parliament Approves Peace Plan (Nov. 17): Significant majority for U.S.?arranged accord with Palestinians reflects acceptance of yielding land.
  • A Leading Russian Lawmaker Slain (Nov. 20): Galina Starovoitova, 52, a liberal, is shot dead in St. Petersburg. She had planned to run for president.
  • Four High Brazilian Officials Resign (Nov. 23): Quit after two of them are accused of possibly trying to influence bidding on giant telephone system.
  • Pinochet Immunity Claim Rejected (Nov. 25): British House of Lords orders former Chilean dictator to remain in custody while Spain seeks extradition on charges of mass murder and terrorism in Chile.
  • Swiss Voters Reject Legalizing of Drugs (Nov. 29): Defeat measure on marijuana, heroin, and cocaine.
  • Separatists Keep Control in Quebec (Nov. 30): Premier Lucien Bouchard and party reelected.


  • Democrats Gain in Midterm Elections (Nov. 3): Pick up five seats in House. Republicans fail to increase 55-to-45 vote margin in Senate. Republicans maintain dominance of governorships, although Democrats capture coveted governorship in California.
  • Saudi Indicted in U.S. Embassy Bombings (Nov. 4): U.S. jury in New York charges Osama bin Laden with attacks in Africa and with conspiring to commit other acts of terrorism against Americans abroad. U.S. offers rewards for information leading to arrest or conviction of bin Laden and his military commander.
  • New House Speaker Designated (Nov. 9): Representative Robert L. Livingston of Louisiana chosen to succeed Newt Gingrich. Republicans jockey over position of majority leader.
  • U.S. Signs Pact on Global Warming (Nov. 12): Administration approves international agreement calling for sharp cutbacks in emissions of industrial gases.
  • Clinton Settles Paula Jones Suit (Nov. 13): President agrees to pay former Arkansas clerk $850,000 to drop legal claim of sexual harassment. Clinton still calls accusation baseless and does not apologize.
  • Clinton and Congress Agree on Budget (Nov. 15): With $1.7-trillion total, it is first in three decades to show a surplus. Military spending to have greatest peacetime increase since Reagan presidency.
  • Federal Reserve Again Cuts Interest Rates (Nov. 17): Quarter of percentage point reduction is third in seven weeks aimed at preventing economic slump.
  • Guidelines for Dietary Supplements Issued (Nov. 17): F.T.C. rules on industry's advertising claims.
  • Kenneth Starr Defends Inquiry (Nov. 19): Independent counsel appears before House Judiciary Committee in day-long testimony on investigation of Clinton's actions. Shows anger rebuffing Democrats' attacks.
  • Starr's Ethics Adviser Quits in Protest (Nov. 20): Samuel Dash says he objects to independent counsel's appearance before House Judiciary Committee.
  • Reno Drops Gore Fund-Raising Inquiry (Nov. 24): Attorney General says she finds insufficient evidence to seek independent counsel to investigate role of Vice President in 1996 reelection campaign.
  • Articles of Impeachment Drawn Up (Nov. 25): House Judiciary Committee moves into final stages of inquiry into allegations against President Clinton, including charges of perjury and obstructing justice.
  • Dr. Kevorkian Charged With Murder (Nov. 25): Surrenders in Michigan for administering lethal injection to terminally ill man who wished to die. Videotaped euthanasia had been broadcast on nationwide television Nov. 22.
  • President Replies to Panel's 81 Questions (Nov. 27): Clinton insists again that he had not lied under oath about his affair with Monica Lewinsky.
  • New Gun Control Law Takes Effect (Nov. 30): National computer system to check background of prospective buyers.


  • More Than 10,000 Dead in Central America Hurricane (Nov. 1): Intense flooding caused by Hurricane Mitch. Villages buried under mud slides. (Nov. 9): Storm reported to have caused record havoc. Stalls off Honduras and crosses from Atlantic to Pacific.
  • Agreement to Curb Sweatshops Reached (Nov. 4): Human rights groups and apparel manufacturers set up code of conduct and monitoring system for overseas factories used by American companies. (Nov. 5): Three major labor organizations reject the accord.
  • Astronaut John Glenn Returns to Earth (Nov. 7): Former senator, aged 77, lands safely at Kennedy Space Center, Fla., with rest of space shuttle Discovery crew after nine-day mission circling Earth 134 times.
  • Filter Blocks Internet Bigotry (Nov. 12): Human rights organization offers to sell to public a device it says bars access to several hundred Web sites.
  • Agreement on Cigarette Settlement Reached (Nov. 13): Four biggest companies and officials of eight states draft nationwide plan to resolve remaining claims over healthcare costs. Accord would cost tobacco concerns $206 billion over 25 years. Advertising to be limited. (Nov. 20): Forty-six states accept $206 billion plan to resolve action filed against cigarette makers to recover Medicaid money spent on diseases related to smoking.
  • Cigarette Makers Raising Prices (Nov. 23): Major companies announce 45-cents-a-pack increase as result of $206 billion tobacco settlement.
  • Clintons' Ex-Partner Acquitted (Nov. 23): Susan H. McDougal found not guilty by California jury on all nine charges of $50,000 embezzlement.
  • Communications Systems Agree on Deal (Nov. 24): America Online Inc. to buy Netscape Communications Corporation for $4.2 billion. Internet role a factor.

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