Longest Broadway Runs

The Phantom of the Opera is there... at the top spot.

Broadway has long been a heart of theater and culture, and its most famous productions have had some very long runs. Find the 25 longest running Broadway plays, including show dates and number of performances, according to the League of American Theatres and Producers.

Oh! Calcutta
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1. The Phantom of the Opera1/88?present13,370
2. Chicago (1996 Revival)11/96?present9,692
3. The Lion King11/97?present9,302
4. Cats10/82?8/20007,485
5. Wicked10/03?present6,836
6. Les Misrables3/87?5/20036,680
7.A Chorus Line7/75?4/19906,137
8.Oh, Calcutta!(1976 Revival)9/76?8/19895,630
9.Mamma Mia!10/01?9/20155,758
10. Beauty and the Beast4/94?7/20075,461
11. Rent4/96?9/20085,124
12.Jersey Boys11/05?present4,642
13. Miss Saigon4/91?1/20014,092
14.The Book of Mormon3/11?present3,748
15. 42nd Street8/80?1/893,486
16. Grease2/72?4/803,388
17. Fiddler on the Roof9/64?7/723,242
18. Life with Father11/39?7/473,224
19. Tobacco Road12/33?5/413,182
20. Hello, Dolly!1/64?12/702,844
21. My Fair Lady3/56?9/622,717
22. Hairspray8/02?present2,642
23. Mary Poppins11/06?3/20132,619
24. Avenue Q7/03?9/20092,534
25. The Producers4/01?4/20072,502
1. As of June 2020.
Source: League of American Theatres and Producers, Inc.

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