Julia Sweeney's God Said, ?Ha!?

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
By: Julia Sweeney
Director: Beth Miles
Sets: Michael McGarty
Lighting: Russell H. Champa
Costumes: Connie Martin
Sound: John Shivers
Opened: 11/96 at the Lyceum Theater
With: Julia Sweeney

Julia Sweeney's God Said, ?Ha!?
Joan Marcus
A Broadway show about cancer? Actually, the illness is only a launching pad for Sweeney's poignant, often hilarious, autobiographical show about the unbreakable ties that bind parent to child, brother to sister. A former performer on Saturday Night Live, Sweeney gained notoriety for her role as the mysteriously androgynous Pat. It's now clear that Sweeney's talents rise far beyond a one-note comedy routine. After leaving SNL, Sweeney, newly divorced and seeking a fresh start, moved to Hollywood and bought a house where she could listen to Tchaikovsky and write screenplays. Life, however, dealt a different hand. Her younger brother Mike, in his 30s and also living in L.A., was diagnosed with an advanced case of lymphoma and subsequently moved in with his sister. Soon after, Mom and Dad moved in too, ?to nurse their terminally ill son and drive their daughter crazy.? If things weren't tragic enough, Sweeney was also diagnosed with cancer. Her brother, sharing his sister's wit, refers to it as ?sympathy? cancer. Difficult subject matter, but Sweeney manages to tell it without being preachy or egocentric. It's simple: What she learns, we learn. The same people who drive us absolutely insane can also be our heroes.
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