The Wind Will Carry Us

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Director/Writer:Abbas Kiarostami
New Yorker Films; NR; 118 minutes
Cast:Behzad Dourani, residents of Siah Dareh (Iran)

To anyone reared on Hollywood films, Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami will seem distinctly radical. Plot, action, and endings aren't really important to him. Kiarostami's interests lie in using cinema to create a contemplative space?this was achieved rather exquisitely in Taste of Cherry, an unhurried film organized around one man's search to find someone who will bury him after he takes his life. Far from morbid, Taste of Cherry contemplates life and connection against an austere desert landscape.

The Wind Will Carry Us is Kiarostami's latest work. The frame of action involves a team of research scientists who travel to a remote village in hopes of witnessing the village's funeral ceremony when an elderly woman dies. Kiarostami explores experiential moments that flourish within the space and quiet of rural Iran. This film lingers, preferring to exist rather than explain or depict. If it sounds slow, well...The Wind Will Carry Us is his most entertaining film so far, a good place for an introduction to Kiarostami's work. boldness

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