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Return of the Dragon

  • Dragon/Def Soul

Sisqo tasted platinum success when “Thong Song” became one of the party anthems of 2000, but he also risked being written off as a one-hit wonder. After all, when was the last time you heard anything else by the guys who did “Macarena”?

But unlike Los Del Rio, Sisqo's got a game plan. He scored a No. 1 pop hit with “Incomplete”—the follow-up to “Thong Song”—and the singer/rapper shows he's far more than a one trick pony on his latest album, Return of the Dragon.

While the sound is still unnecessarily hyper-produced, Sisqo proves to be an engaging talent equally comfortable in a variety of musical settings. His highly rhythmic rhyming and smooth singing sinks into the deep grooves of “Can I Live” and he positively tears it up during the playful club flavors of the surefire hit “Dance for Me.”

However, the few times he fails here, he fails miserably, particularly on the dreadful techno jive of “Last Night” and the mega-layered “Dream,” the latter which sounds like a Whitney Houston outtake from a bad Disney soundtrack. Sisqo's far more effective when he transforms into flamenco-king on the sassy “Homewrecker” or teams with his old East Baltimore mates from Dru Hill on the lush, harmony-filled “Without You.”

Kevin O'Hare

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