Dar Williams

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

The Green World

  • Razor & Tie

Say this much about Dar Williams. She is taking the road less traveled. After all, who else is writing songs based on Isaac Bashevis Singer's book Satan in Goray, which details failed 17th-century Messianic movements.

Not exactly "Livin' La Vida Loca," eh?

She may be go a bit overboard sometimes, but Williams is also funny, whimsical, cutting, and undoubtedly one of the very brightest lights on the folk scene. Her fourth solo album is her best since her 1996 classic Mortal City. More uptempo than previous efforts, it finds the songwriter spinning a series of richly detailed, highly melodic tales, including the harmony-filled "What Do You Love More Than Love," the electrically-charged "Spring Street," and the appropriately Lennon-flavored "I Won't Be Your Yoko Ono."

Along with the commercial edition, Razor & Tie will offer a limited-edition pressing of 4,000 albums through its website (www.razorandtie.com). The limited edition version includes a 44-page booklet, extensive liner notes, and the bonus track "O'Canada Girls."

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