Top 10 Internet Fraud Complaints, 2007

Updated August 5, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

What are the most common fraud complaints for Internet? Fake check scams top the list, while general merchandise sales are a close second. Protect yourself from becoming a victim to one of these scams by reading our guides on the "Dirty Dozen" Email Scams and the biggest "Dot Cons," or general Internet Scams. If you suspect you're a victim of an Internet fraud, visit the National Fraud Information Center.

Complaint % of
all complaints
Average Loss
Fake Check Scams 29% $3,310.87
General merchandise 23 1,136.84
Auctions1 13 1,371.08
Nigerian Money Offers 11 4,043.14
Lotteries/Lottery Clubs 7 998.43
Advance Fee Loans 3 1,310.77
Prizes/Sweepstakes 3 1,181.58
Phishing2 3 220.47
Friendship & Sweetheart Swindles 1 3,038.31
Internet Access Services 1 896.99

1. In the fall of 2003, online giant eBay removed the link from its Web site to As a result, the number of auction complaints reported to NCL's fraud center has dropped to a fraction of its previous levels.
2. Pretending to be a legitimate company to trick people into providing private information for use in identity theft.

Source: National Fraud Information Center/Internet Fraud Watch.

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