'Til There Was You

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
Director: Scott Winant
Writer: Winnie Holzman
Director of Photography:Bobby Bukowski
Editors:Richard Marks and Joanna Cappuccilli
Music:Miles Goodman and Terence Blanchard
Production Designer:Craig Stearns
Producers:Penney Finkelman Cox, Tom Rosenberg and Alan Poul
Paramount; PG-13; 120 minutes
Cast:Jeanne Tripplehorn, Dylan McDermott, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston, Karen Allen, Michael Tucker, Alice Drummond, Ken Olin and Nina Foch

Dispose of the bland script and cast and 'Til There Was You would make an intriguing study in architecture worthy of a PBS documentary. Writer Gwen Moss (Tripplehorn) moves into a vintage, Spanish-style LA apartment building owned by a bitter former child star, Francesca (Parker), who plans to have the structure redesigned by architect Nick (McDermott). Though their paths don't cross until the final scene, the film follows lonely romantic Gwen on her campaign to save the building and Nick, who is obviously on the other side of the fence. In a summer of $100-million action extravaganzas, 'Til There Was You will quickly be forgotten.

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