Soft Fruit

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Director/Writer:Christina Andreef
Fox Searchlight; R; 101 minutes
Cast:Jeanie Drynan, Linal Haft, Russell Dykstra

Soft Fruit is an inconsequential family drama from Down Under. If the name of first-time writer/director Christina Andreef sounds familiar, it's because she assisted in many Jane Campion productions. Andreef's project is decidedly Campionesque in its treatment of siblings who have gathered to say goodbye to their dying mother. The four full-figured sisters command the film's attention, each with a neatly packaged personality set. There's also the biker-burnout son, and the lordly Eastern European pop. Last but hardly least is the ailing mother who's determined to die with a bang. The family flux between petty meanness, tolerance, and unconditional love takes center stage. Soft Fruit is unadventuresome but pleasant.

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