Shadow Conspiracy

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
Director: George P. Cosmatos
Writers: Adi Hasak and Ric Gibbs
Director of Photography:Buzz Feitshans IV
Editor:Robert A. Ferretti
Music:Bruce Broughton
Production Designer:Joe Alves
Producer:Terry Collis
Hollywood Pictures; R; 103 minutes
Cast:Charlie Sheen, Linda Hamilton, Theodore Bikel, Donald Sutherland, Stephen Lang and Sam Waterston

Ouch! By now, we've learned that when Sheen's name is attached to a film, it's a no-brainer action flick not even worth a $3 rent. Presidential assistant Bobby Bishop (Sheen) gets wind of a conspiracy to assassinate the President when his professor pal is murdered while trying to relay an urgent message to him. Evading the stone-faced killer, Agent (Lang), Sheen darts around the Capitol with former girlfriend and reporter Amanda Givens (Hamilton), trying to unravel the twisted scheme, which believe it or not, involves the upper echelon of the White House.

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