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Director/Writer:Millicent Shelton
Director of Photography:Frank Byers
Editor:Earl Watson
Music:Dunn Pearson Jr.
Production Designer:Bryan Jones
Producers:Reginald Hudlin and Warrington Hudlin
Dimension Films; R; 95 minutes
Cast:Malik Yoba, Melissa De Sousa, John Witherspoon, Fredro Starr, Cedric the Entertainer, Kellie Williams, Sticky Fingaz, Idalis de Leon, Julia Garrison, Guy Torry, Downtown Julie Brown, Luke Campbell and Reuben Asher

A crew of hip-hop actors, dancers and rappers board a Miami bus bound for a video shoot in L.A. Along the way, the young riders, including a budding filmmaker (DeSousa) and a producer (Campbell), reveal dramas and dreams of soap-opera proportions, such as pregnancy, cheating and plans to open a program for inner-city youth.

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