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Director:Alan Taylor
Writer:David Epstein
Director of Photography:John Thomas
Editor:David Leonard
Music:Rachel Portman
Production Designer:Anne Stuhler
Producer:Uberto Pasolini
Orion; R; 92 minutes
Cast:William Forsythe, Vincent Gallo, Adam Trese, Lisa Gay Hamilton and Frances McDormand
Based on short stories by Italo Calvino

The mood is set when, at the beginning of the film, three ne'er-do-wells, Sid (Forsythe), Russ (Gallo) and Jerry (Trese), break into a bakery when they meant to hit a jewelry store. Instead of calling it a day, Jerry slips a dozen donuts under his coat for his wife, Betty (Hamilton). These guys obviously aren't career criminals; they've hit on hard times and need to make a living. Russ convinces his buddies that the only solution is crime, and they plan to disable an armored car and then descend on it armed with toy guns. They even watch the 1950 film Armored Car Robbery for tips. A bright comedy set in a dreary world inhabited by a group of lovable, down-and-out lugs.

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