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Director: Albert Brooks
Writers: Albert Brooks and Monica Johnson
Director of Photography: Lajos Koltai
Editor: Harvey Rosenstock
Music: Marc Shaiman
Production Designer: Charles Rosen
Producers: Scott Rudin and Herb Nanas
Paramount; PG-13; 104 minutes
Release: 12/96
Cast: Albert Brooks, Debbie Reynolds, Lisa Kudrow and Rob Morrow

Brooks introduces his film with a description of two types of mothers: the ones who think their children are perfect and the other kind. Beatrice Henderson (Reynolds) is the other kind. She accepts, not welcomes, her twice-divorced son, John (Brooks), when he moves back home. She shows her annoyance by dividing the refrigerator into two sides, and he plays on his mother's neuroses, inviting her to Victoria's Secret for a shopping spree. The nearly flawless screenplay defines not only the characters' personalities, but also the entire family history in pointed set pieces of constant bickering. Brooks should do this more often.

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