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Director/Writer: Richard Shepard
Director of Photography: Sarah Cawley
Editor: Adam Lichtenstein
Music: Rolfe Kent
Production Designer: Anne Ross
Producers: Rolfe Kent, Rocky Collins and Richard Shepard
Unapix Films; NR; 85 minutes
Release: 11/96
Cast: John Rubinstein, Amber Kain, Rhea Silver-Smith, Sam Rockwell and Novella Nelson

A portrayal of urban decay masquerading as a story of a big man humbled. Frank Kramer (Rubinstein), a divorced New York lawyer, lives the good life and takes pride in his chiseled physique and social standing. His complacency disappears when he discovers his teenage daughter, Nicole (Silver-Smith), has been kidnapped by one of her friends, Ruby (Kain), and Ruby's sidekick Matty (Rockwell). Responding to threatening ransom calls, John races through Manhattan's seediest streets and is beaten up, ripped off and harassed. Fed up with the police and the FBI, John takes matters into his own hands, further threatening his daughter's life.

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