Knock Off

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Director:Tsui Hark
Writer:Steven E. deSouza
TriStar; R; 110 minutes
Cast:Jean-Claude Van Damme, Rob Schneider, Paul Sorvino, Lela Rochon, Michael Wong, Carman Lee, Glen Chin and Jeff Wolfe

Van Damme's latest outing won't be a panacea for the string of personal tragedies that have befallen him. The convoluted plot involves Marcus (Van Damme), a Hong Kong designer-jean salesman. He learns from a rep of the company (Rochon) that some of the pants are knock offs, with tiny bombs sewn into them. That's not all. His partner (Schneider) is entangled with the Russian mafia, which plans to blow up entire countries, with the help of a rogue CIA agent (Sorvino).

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