Highlander: Endgame

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Director:Doug Aarniokoski
Dimension Films; 88 minutes; R
Cast:Adrian Paul, Christopher Lambert, Lisa Barbuscia

Endgame is the fourth film installment in the Highlander series. The original's conclusion nullified prospects for a sequel, but box-office earnings canceled all that and eventually led to several more films and a television spinoff. Endgame attempts to bridge the gaps in the esoteric mythology of the Immortals as expounded variously on film and television. Suffice to say that Immortals live forever until another Immortal lops off their head, at which point the killer absorbs their power. Bad Scottish accents are considered mandatory. Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul play members of the MacLeod clan who must defeat evil fellow Immortal Kell (Bruce Payne).

The movie is fairly cryptic for the uninitiated, which is fine, since only those in the know will fill theaters to catch B-movie swordplay and romance.

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