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Midseason debut
Monday 9:30?10:00 p.m.
Cast:Kristy Swanson, Steven Eckholdt, George Eads, and David Sutcliffe

Four single friends live and love, well try to, in Miami. Shot documentary style with one camera, Grapevine charts the course of cruise line exec Susan (Swanson), who spends much of her time playing matchmaker. She doesn't realize that her best friend, David (Eckholdt), is in love with her. It also follows David's brother, Thumper (Eads), who revels in the single life, and their buddy, Matt (Sutcliffe), who has to readjust to the single life after his divorce. The show was originally broadcast in the summer of 1992, and though it met critical acclaim, was abruptly canceled.

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