Camp Stories

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
Director/Writer: Herb Beigel
Director of Photography:Paul Gibson
Editor:Meg Reticker
Music:Roy Nathanson
Production Designer:Deana Sidney
Producers:Robin O'Hara and Scott Macaulay
Artistic License Films; NR; 99 minutes
Cast:Jerry Stiller, Zachary Taylor, Elliott Gould, Susan Vanech, Ted Marcoux and Richard Council

An honest, amusing portrait of teen life in the 1950s. Set at a boys' Orthodox Jewish summer camp in the Poconos, these campers are so innocently naive they think stealing away to catch a movie is a horrible crime. The real drama unfolds as an uptight counselor, Chaim (Marcoux), thinks camper David (Taylor) is sleeping with his wife. Chaim's paranoia plays out in petty acts of jealousy, as when he recalls David's home run because his yarmulke fell off as he was rounding third base.

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