Buffalo 66

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
Director: Vincent Gallo
Writers: Vincent Gallo and Alison Bagnall
Director of Photography: Lance Acord
Editor: Curtiss Clayton
Music: Vincent Gallo
Production Designer: Gideon Ponte
Producers: Chris Hanley, Gretchen McGowan, Michael Paseornek and Jeff Sackman
Lions Gate Film, Inc.; R; 90 minutes
Release: 6/98
Cast: Vincent Gallo, Christina Ricci, Anjelica Huston and Ben Gazzara

Indie-hipster Vincent Gallo does it all — he writes, directs, acts, even composes the score — in this darkly funny, surrealist fable. As antihero, Gallo is a raw-boned bundle of pathos in too-tight pants; as director, he infuses his allegory of alienation with unswerving candor and inventive visuals. However, Ricci's role is woefully underdeveloped; her unblinking kewpie absorbs Gallo's angst but never blossoms beyond a trite fantasy of instant love.

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