Brother of Sleep

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Director/Director of Photography/Producer:Joseph Vilsmaier
Writer:Robert Schneider
Editor:Alexander Berner
Music: Norbert J. Schneider and Hubert von Goisern
Production Designers:Rolf Zehetbauer, Jindrich Goetz and Petra Barochova
Sony Pictures Classics; R; 128 minutes
Cast:André Eisermann, Dana Vavrova, Ben Becker and Angelika Bartsch
In German with English subtitles
Based on the novel by Robert Schneider

Dark and mundane, Brother of Sleep bogs down in symbolism. Set at the turn of the 19th century in a grimy Alpine village, musical genius Elias Johannes Alder (Eisermann) is often overwhelmed by the sounds and images whirling in his head. He finds solace in playing the church organ, mesmerizing the parishioners who once detested him because he is the illegitimate son of the parish priest. Elias gets tangled in a love triangle with Elsbeth (Vavrova), whom he loves, and her brother, Peter (Becker), who lusts after him.

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