Breathing Room

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
Director: Jon Sherman
Writers:Tom Hughes and Jon Sherman
Director of Photography:Jim Denault
Editor: Sabine Hoffman
Music: Pat Irwin
Production Designer: Sharon Lomofsky
Producer: Tim Perell
Arrow Releasing; NR; 90 minutes
Release: 11/96
Cast: Susan Floyd and Dan Futterman

Couples wary of commitment beware: You may end up exiting from different doors after seeing this quirky date film. In the span of their two-year relationship, David (Futterman) and Kathy (Floyd) have broken up five times. Kathy has pretty much had it when David, who has a big problem with commitment and can't find it in him to say “I love you,” waits until the last minute to tell her he has applied for a teaching job in Vietnam. At Thanksgiving, she proposes that they not speak to each other until Christmas and then decide their future together. They both look to friends and family for advice as the big day approaches. Sharp holiday fare.

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