Big Night

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
Directors: Campbell Scott and Stanley Tucci
Writers: Joseph Tropiano and Stanley Tucci
Director of Photography: Ken Kelsch
Editor: Suzy Elmiger
Music: Gary DeMichele
Production Designer: Andrew Jackness
Producer: Jonathan Filley
MGM-United Artists; R; 107 minutes
Release: 9/96
Cast: Tony Shalhoub, Stanley Tucci, Minnie Driver, Isabella Rossellini, Ian Holm and Campbell Scott

Two immigrant brothers, Primo (Shalhoub) and Secondo (Tucci), realize their dream when they open Paradise, an Italian restaurant on the Jersey shore. But their dream will be short-lived if they don't fill seats. Their neighbor, Pascal (Holm), runs a successful restaurant (though his food doesn't compare to the culinary masterpieces offered at Paradise) and tells the brothers they can turn things around if they host (and impress) Louis Prima and his band for dinner. As they prepare for the big night, Primo and Secondo demonstrate their affection for each other and their passion for fine cuisine. Subtle and delightful.

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